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MsSqlToDB2 - Import SQL Server to DB2. Main features: 1.Easy visual configuration. 2.Converts from both table
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19 November 2014

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This software program will help transfer data from MS SQL Server to DB2 database.

Most organizations have a mix of database products. There is often a need to transfer data from one database to another. This is a tool that can automate data transfers from MS SQL Server to IBM DB2 database. Doing such transfers manually will be time-consuming as well as error-prone. When done automatically, it can save you time and the hassle of correcting data errors. It offers a very simple interface that will be easy for the IT personnel to master. Configuring the tool is simple, takes just a few clicks to do it. Once the session parameters have been set, they can be saved. These saved configurations could be reused as often as needed. When the IT department is tasked to do some transfers repeatedly, this feature can save a lot of time and hassle.

Source and destination tables need to be specified and fields identified, if only some fields are to be transferred. With a preview feature available, it is possible to make sure the intended transfers are happening the right way. Setting parameters are simplified through a wizard that can take you through the sequence correctly. As the transfer progresses, you can monitor it through a progress bar. That not only shows the analog progress but also tells you how many records have been transferred, what percentage of the transfer is complete and the elapsed and remaining time. One to one, n to one and n to n kind of transfers are possible. Command line and scheduled transfers are possible. The tool supports Unicode and thus the data in any language can be handled easily. This is a good and handy tool.

Publisher's description

MsSqlToDB2 - Import SQL Server to DB2. MsSqlToDB2 is a data conversion tool that helps database user to convert SQL Server data to DB2 database.
The main features are:
1. Easy visual configuration -- just click on the mouse.
2. Displays progress through time estimation.
3. Converts data quickly and smoothly.
4. Saves you a ton of time.
5. Converts from both table and query.
6. Converts multiple tables in one time.
7. Execute via command line and scheduled, this can help automate tasks.
8. Tow mode: Wizard - step by step; Direct import - efficient.
Version 1.5
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